sometime back i read that handwriting plays a vital role in underlining one's personality. well, the nuances of this juxtaposition must be left to the graphologists; i must describe my own journey towards the betterment of the art of forming beautiful words.

i must confess that my handwriting was good but never posh. i've always preferred the cursive hand to others but somewhere it lacked an oomph factor that lends a certain chutzpah to one's handwriting. in order to polish it, i chose calligraphy, the art of forming beautiful letters and positioning them well on paper, and purchased a few necessities for the beginners that included both fountain and felt pens.

i practised writing in the cursive style with the fountain pen and scribbled with the felt pen in the font of my own invention that was close to gothic serif. both these pen types have special chiseled nibs that produce a very elegant and a posh effect to the written hand. i've fallen in love with the 2 mm nib in particular.

beautiful handwriting demands relaxed and precise movements of the arm; practice is the key here. the better i get at this, the more i wish to write. but, since i've been using digital media to capture my thoughts and weave them into stories for the last sixteen years now, i find it quite uncomfortable to do so with pen and paper. i shall continue using iPad for writing and stick to p & p only while signing documents or filling-up feedback forms.