“and the winner of the academy award for best original music score is...any guesses ladies and’s RATAN!”

emma stone spots me in the front row of the kodak theatre and beckons the spotlight on me. a huge round of applause follows. 

i prance up the stage to receive my award, plant a gentle kiss on emma’s cheek and shake hands with morgan freeman. the veteran actor congratulates me on my extraordinary achievement.

but as soon as emma hands me the Oscar than the whole auditorium resonates with a shrill and piercing rattle. the actor couple and the audience look flabbergasted. they begin to dissolve in front of my eyes. emma grabs me by the sleeve of my tux but eventually slips into oblivion. meanwhile, the trophy disappears from my trembling hand.

the rattle continues. it’s agonisingly painful. suddenly some extrinsic force begins to pull me into a chasm. i try hard to break free with my eyes tightly shut and legs kicking violently but to no avail. the growing shrillness of the crackle is unbearable. struggling to breathe i open my eyes with a jerk.

there's daylight. i heave an euphoric sigh of relief as i return to my senses. i discover my alarm clock going off on the night stand oblivious of the destruction it had just perpetrated. i slap the ruddy thing and it sheepishly turns off. there is silence but the academy award i was holding so dearly in my hand a while ago was now gone. 

still, not losing hope for an official  Oscar nomination, i disentangle myself from the sheets, scamper out of the bed and settle at my DAW.

well, a digital audio workstation or DAW is an electronic device or application software that is used for recording and producing music. garageband from apple is the latter. what i like about it is the simplicity of interface and an assortment of looped music files from almost all types of world instruments. they are beautifully performed and recorded in high fidelity.

i scored this piece using garageband’s “loop packs”.

and recorded this one on garageband using a samson condenser mic with me on the rhythm guitar and garageband on the drums. 

what fun!