hello world

a greenhorn venturing into the brave new domain of a computer programming customarily writes his first program to print “hello world!”. this ritual not only initiates him into the language but also introduces him to its basic syntax.

keeping in line with this practice, my first blog post titled “hello world” marks my foray into the blogging arena.

you may ask, “the blogging troposphere is rife with all kinds of blogs, what’s new with this one?” well to answer this i’d say that, just like you, i too am blessed with a unique set of cognitive abilities that set me, my ideas and opinions apart from the rest and hence my propensity to share them with the world.

this weblog (as mentioned in the tag line) documents my adventures with stuff around me be it as mundane as applying polish to my oxfords or as extraordinary as the joy of parenting.

i hope to deliver on my expectations and be truthful to my aspirations. i wish myself happy blogging.

btw i'm ratan.