listening is my favourite life hack that helps me recharge and unwind.  yes, music is definitely my cup of tea but here i’m not alluding to music but to the conversations i hold with people both at the personal and professional level.

most people have so much information to disseminate and so much experience to share that i feel interrupting their flow by chipping in would be gross injustice to them. so i listen in rapt attention mesmerised by their knowledge or regaled by their anecdotes and loose myself in quasi-meditation. 

but there are times when conversations take an unhealthy detour: people start boasting or backbiting.  this makes me feel uncomfortable. at this point i pretend to be busy and disinterested. the enthusiasm of the raconteur wanes and the conversation melts.

however an inspiring conversation with a man of letters or experience sets the tone for discovery and exploration of new information. i welcome healthy conversations.