i started running out of pure whim. i woke up one fine morning and said to myself, “let’s run!” and that was that.

i leapt out of the bed like a gazelle, shot out of the house and stepped into a sports store. i tapped the sales rep on the shoulder and put forth my requirement.

“a pair of running shoes, size 10, if you please.”

“certainly, sir. this way please.”

i was led into the shoe section which was rife with the smell of rubber from motley sports shoes.

“do you pronate or supinate?”, he asked.

i literally gaped at him.

seeing me nonplussed but, nevertheless, too snotty to acknowledge my lack of proficiency in footwear, he offered to explain the jargon.

i abruptly cut him off and proceeded to point at a white and fluorescent pair that had caught my attention.

“those ones, please.”

perplexed at my impatience but eager to help, the sales rep plucked the pair from the rack and handed it to me.

“would you like to try them on.”


“need help?”

“no, thank you. i shall be fine.”

it was a nice pair from reebok. to this day, the thought of that purchase leaves me in splits. i bought the pair just because its design and colour scheme impressed me. sadly at that point in time the utility of the shoe was of little or no significance to me.

equipped with little research and no experience in running topped with frail legs, i ran with that pair on for about a fortnight irrespective of the niggles in my hams, knees, shins and heels. and by the end of this period i was barely able to walk. the podiatrist summed up the diagnosis as “medial tibial stress syndrome caused due to severe stress around the tibia likely caused by too much running with incorrect posture and inappropriate footwear”.

the orthopod advised me against running during my recovery period which lasted for around three months and apprised me with the basics of maintaining correct posture during running. he explained me the concept of pronation and the advantages of choosing footwear in accordance with my stride.

armed with this info, i hit the asphalt after full recuperation and within eight months hence was able to run a half-marathon in under two hours - no mean feat for a recreational runner.

by the way, i’m a supinator. i have been running with nike air pegasus series since i discovered my foot movement type.

long distance running is a great way to relax, unwind and meditate. it works wonders for both physical and mental health. start running under professional guidance and with proper running gear - be it the vest or shorts or shoes. this will ensure an injury free run topped with countless miles day in and day out!