That angry bird

Clenched fists, pursed lips, bloodshot eyes, murderous expression, frame shivering with uncontrollable rage - sounds familiar? You must have fitted this description at some point in time in the past. We all have had.

Well as we know, anger is not a very constructive force to reckon with most of the time. It wreaks havoc like a hurricane and once the good sense prevails nothing much remains to take stock of.

Anger may be the result of a distorted perspective about a person or situation. Agitated, we access a situation or a conversation partially and our mind fills in the gaps based on our previous experiences. Tt switches gears before we know it and clouds our senses and then there is nothing but destruction.

in retrospect, anger harms the host more than it does the subject.

outbursts are controllable but need practice to master.

first, stop filling in the blanks. train your mind to generate happy thoughts about a person or thing you love or a comic situation you had been in. difficult but not impossible. try!

second, calm yourself and try to frame a straight perspective of the situation. if you are a subject of a misdirected rant, no need to react; the ranter is simply trying to make a fool of himself. he’ll eventually calm down and even tender an apology in the form of a sheepish grin directed at you.

third, every situation has a humorous side to it - verify this hypothesis from those stand-up comics, if you please. you may choose to weasel out of unpleasantness by simply making a mockery of it.

fourth, if you are sure that you are being subjected to utter humiliation with no fault of yours then feel free to take corrective action immediately. but with civility - without succumbing to loss of temper.

trust me, once you emerge a winner in this turmoil of wits (to be angry or not to be angry) you are bound to feel elated.

and remember, nobody and nothing in this world has the power to influence your mood but YOU. your reaction to an obnoxious situation is YOUR choice. best reign in your emotions before the situation gets out of control and YOU make a fool of yourself.