weight loss

i lost 30 kgs in just six months by regulating my diet and walking 15k steps a day. yes, it's really that simple!

Fitbit zip's been my pal all these months. it helped me loose weight by comparing input against my output. the gadget does a fair job in measuring steps accurately and predicting the calories burnt during an activity. and a fairly comprehensive food database keeps tabs on the intake.

at the commencement of my weight loss journey, Fitbit app calculated my basal metabolic rate (BMR), which is the minimum number of calories needed to maintain current weight, and suggested target calorie intake based on my goal.

the app alerted me the moment i jumped my target food intake. this kept me motivated to tone down on gluttony and boost my output up by a notch.

Fitbit has a built-in active minutes counter that displays the number of minutes invested in an activity. the counter kicks in only after ten minutes into the activity. i used to target 90 active minutes per day.

i was kept motivated by the quantitative analysis performed by the Fitbit app in the form of graphs and charts. i tweaked my activity and food habits by regularly perusing this data.

in order to maintain current weight and build strength, i perform light calisthenics as and when time permits and try to walk 13k steps a day. Fitbit Coach app does an amazing job of suggesting exercises based on my progression. this keeps the routine steady and adaptive and the metabolism fired up.

if everything goes as planned, i'll restart jogging this fall.