everyone is needy: most of them are capable of fending for themselves while the ones who aren't as lucky depend on charity.

however, it's never easy to tell the two apart. sometimes the well-off resort to swindling by projecting themselves as the deprived ones; consequently faith in charity dwindles thereby adding to the latter's misfortunes.

anonymous donations are rare. the braggarts see charity as an opportunity to blow their own trumpet. no sooner had they performed a charitable act than they broadcast it to the world.

although donation in material terms forms the backbone of free treatments in the hospitals and assistance during natural calamities yet the deprived expect more than that. 

charity when devoid of love becomes a mere chore. it may alleviate the suffering or hunger of the destitute but it can never inject hope into his aggrieved soul. 

it takes almost no effort to curve ones lips into a gentle smile. who knows this small charitable act may work like a miracle in someone's life and heal him for the better.

also, smile is contagious. when someone smiles then everyone around him does. so we must try to be both charitable and cheerful because charity without good cheer is worthless and unprofitable.