possession of sweet tooth is a bane. most cannot control the desire for “just another bite” and as a result of which too many empty wrappers of hershey’s lay scattered across the living room.

i too am a possessor of sweet tooth. i drink hershey’s in milk, devour hershey’s chocolate bars at least twice a day and pop in innumerable kisses every now and then. in essence, i’m addicted to the brand and its dark brown sugary richness.

the joy of hershey’s is in unwrapping the bar and being hit by the whiff of finely ground cocoa. then obviously there is that ethereal taste that transports self into a higher realm of consciousness. pure ecstasy!

i often wonder why people prefer hallucinogens, tobacco and liquor to hershey’s.

ps: if you occasionally pop in hershey’s one too many then do step on the scales once a week and ensure that you don't tip it considerably