language is the primary force behind the power of expression.

the ideas exhumed from the recesses of one's mind are dolled up by language with lucid words for easy consumption.

conversation flows thus!

language shapes an idea and the communication medium ensures its delivery. the communication may get distorted either during passage or on receipt when the receiver may put new interpretation on the missive based on his personal experiences and this is not rare. 

language is beautiful when used dexterously. it connects with the soul. the verses of a flowing poetry or the sentences of a riveting prose leave a lasting impression on an individual's psyche. this may herald a positive change in him in particular and induce the same in the society in general.

language, on the other hand, when used injudiciously incites the populace and turns the individuals against each other leading to civil wars and cataclysms. 

the ability to share one's individuality through words is the greatest boon of civilisation. it must be put to use prudently so that its benefits triumph over the repercussions.