recall that argument you might have had with your inner self at some point or another in time over that 5 am run.

the alarm buzzes. you hit snooze. it comes alive a few minutes later and is promptly snoozed again with a thwack. this give and take goes on for quite some time until the alarm clock gives up; the latter almost smashed to pieces by now. 

then begins the usual chatter with the self.

you: let's run!

inner voice: yaaawn!!! yesterday t'was very tiring at work and today's going to be even more. so better catch up with some zzzs.

but, running will rejuvenate me. 

[smirks] huh! not more than how an hour's sleep would.

guess you are right. getting into the running gear is also a chore.

yeah! and is the time invested in that after run clean up worth its salt? no, i don't think so. and moreover the air conditioning in your bedroom is too cozy to give up on.

right! thank you for being there for me. wake me up in a couple of hours.

well more or less, you loose this war of words with your inner voice three sixty four days a year; january first being the only day you win.

at this point, motivation kicks in. it offers an initial push which catapults you into the orbit of the desired activity. and once your body adapts to a particular routine, it becomes almost impossible for it to extract itself out of it. 

auto-suggestion is that one weapon in my arsenal that never fails to produce results. this is another way of reasoning with your inner voice by presenting logical arguments in your favour. if your arguments are strong enough, the inner voice lays down arms, eventually.

this inner voice that nips most fledgling ambitions in the bud is conquerable. the only weapon needed is nothing but a staunch argument.