they say, "patience has its rewards".

well, in order to prove this truism wrong try gaining a foothold in a queue that snakes across town and you wouldn't agree more with "patience has its price", instead.

nowadays, consumerism is at its peak and queues are commonplace.

during Apple product launches, for instance, enthusiasts all over the world scramble to their nearest Apple stores and vie for a spot towards the head of the queue in order to be the first ones to grab the product they had been drooling over for months since its announcement. no wonder the stock runs out in a matter of minutes.

as a result of this, consumer goods based companies are already touching the $1 trillion mark in revenues.

on the other hand, queues in third world countries are a direct consequence of an unbalanced demand and supply equation caused by those densely populated demographics where necessities are few and luxuries meagre.

with the advent of technology, however, the density of queues is on the decline. now the first day first show geeks, backpackers, duty shoppers and utility bill payers comparatively breathe easy than they used to in the past.

queues test one's patience to the hilt. but we may utilise this time lost stranded in a queue by catching up with hobbies or with long lost buddies.

well, i must sign off now. my ride's just around the corner!