ever noticed that when you key in the request for directions from point A to point B, google's route mapping algorithm shows multiple routes for the same destination - choosing any one from among them is your prerogative.

similarly, as my limited knowledge suggests, every religion paves an individual path towards the same destination. one needs to amble across any one of these paths which one inherits at birth or adopts constitutionally in order to seek the Truth.

a keen study of the religious texts will corroborate this hypothesis.

Prophets of different regions worldwide preached Truth in the local parlance and consolidated their teachings as scriptures in the vernacular. followers of these Prophets formed religious sects and the impact of Their philosophical teachings began religious movements. 

now since the Truth is homogenous throughout, so is the philosophy of all religions and hence their followers. 

i see humanity as a single entity. i wish the world to share my point of view and adopt a unilateral approach to serve and respect the entire human race irrespective of the caste, creed and colour of its constituents. this philosophy is the cornerstone of every religion on this planet. let's preach and follow it.