Had the general public truly believed in the truism that real beauty lies within, the multi-billion dollar cosmetic industry would have perished in no time. but as we all know this is not the case.

Numerous beauty parlours have sprouted across every township in India. It is impossible to hurl a stone in any direction without hitting one. modern beauty treatments are now accessible to the proletariat at a reasonable cost thereby increasing the number of footfalls in such establishments.

Competition among cosmetic brands is fierce. they are jostling for market space. they attract customers by promising them a fair complexion and an attractive skin in just a few days.

With too much reliance on cosmetics to transform ones appearance, the simile “as fresh as dew” no longer holds true for humans. the concept of natural beauty has given way to cosmetic beauty. Cosmetics are laced with chemicals which hinder with the natural healing properties of the skin.

Natural beauty may be preserved by reducing daily stress, exercising and eating well. If basics are followed to the tee, use of cosmetics may be reduced significantly.