not only does music elevate the soul but also alleviates stress.

thanks to the modern technological advancements such as online streaming, accessibility of all forms of music has improved and so has the quality of the output audio signal. this has proven to be a boon to both audiophiles and casual aficionados alike.

but at times there might occur a snag in the seamless web of content delivery technology leaving us stranded in electronic drought with no access to either online or offline music.

during such times, one must not give in to despair and rely on the art of puckering ones lips and blowing air through the crevice thus formed to produce melody like nobody’s business. the melody thus produced fills the whistler with a sense of achievement and fulfilment.

and moreover, whistling has no disadvantage except numb lips and the ire of the general public in case the whistler is a fledgling newbie.